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I made 300 posters to find out how creativity works

My name is Helly, I'm a product & motion designer living in Tbilisi/Georgia. Somewhere between designing interfaces and watching metrics I've found myself not doing real design. That's when I understood how I love life when creativity happens and that I urgently need it. And poster is the best way to express creativity, but not fall into complete art. My posters contain illustrations, handmade crazy typography and that little analog twist. In georgian "neli" means slow and it is complete opposite to how I make posters, although it perfectly relates to my name.

Aiming to have fun and not taking myself too seriously. Enjoy working on projects which are supposed to give people a feeling of lightness in the everyday life.

Order vibrant or crazy poster for your marketing needs. Clicking this button will lead you to Whatsup chat with me.



Some of May 2021 posters are hanging on the stairs to Cloud9 — roof tot terrace & bar in Al.Chavchavadze 11, near Rustaveli avenue, Tbilisi. More photos in instapost

A poster from famous Peter Bankov

This poster was gifted to me from Peter Bankov during my study at his 6th school of posters on Jul 2021. This is very important event in my design life.

Open Collab #27

My fresh typeface Frood participated in poster design collab at Open Collab and now is exhibited there

Gallery BI

3 Posters (Drama Bar, L'innocente, The Language of Space and Form) are in short list of Gallery BI / B.I International Poster Art Biennale

Typomania 2021

5 static posters and 1 animated one were exhibited at Typomania 2021 in Moscow